Email Marketing

Email Marketing

GoletroWeb is a robust and Best Leading Web Design and Development Solution and service provider that have been providing its solutions and services to all the industries around the world, including Email Marketing Services.

Since we have use each and every platform to promote your business.

If one specific marketing will not work for you of not generating enough traffic then use others.

Email Marketing is one of most those, which enriches business communications, targets specific key markets with cost-effective manner.

GoletroWeb provide email marketing platform for 6 months exclusively to its client free of cost for 6 months to promote their business. (email marketing cost is included in our complete web solution package which comes with website, hosting, SEO and SMM)

Email Marketing Service

How much do I have to pay extra for Email Marketing?

The cost for email marketing is included in our complete web solution package which comes with website design & development, web hosting with SSL, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.


What is the validity for email marketing platform?

You can use our platform for 6 months to send emails.


Can I increase the validity of email sending platform?

Yes you can increase the validity. You have to contact our team in order to that.


How much email I can send daily with this platform?

You can send up to 10,000 emails per day up to 6 month for our email marketing platform.


I will any other desktop application, server, IPs or extra domain for this?

GoletroWeb will provide you complete email marketing platform with Server/IPs/Domains.
It will be a web application running on the server, which you can access from any browser with internet connectivity like any other website, similar to Mail chimp etc.

You will not require any 3rd party application or any other tool for your emailing.
We will provide you a complete email marketing solution dedicated available to you.


Do I need to share the email marketing service with others?

Most of the email marketing service will provide you a shared environment like shared server, IPs or domains, but we will provide you dedicated server/ dedicated IPs and domains as well available to your promotion only.

The reason behind to do this way because we do not want to any of our customer’s service affected by some other clients emailing.

So each individual will take care of their own server and will not affect others clients email server in any way.


How can I check the statistics of sent emails?

In our email marketing platform there will ne inbuilt reporting feature which you can use to see the statistics of send email campaigns.

You can check in the real time of whom opened your email campaign and when. Which link they clicked and when. How many peoples unsubscribed from your email campaigns, all the data you can see in real-time in our system.


What is bounce and unsubscribe emails and how can I do this?

What is bounce emails?
When an email message cannot be delivered to an email address, it’s called a bounce. There are lots of different reasons why emails bounce so, when it happens, a “return to sender” message (or, SMTP reply), either recipient SMTP server will not available of recipient email address inbox quota full, or email address in not valid email ID so your email ID will be bounce.
Bounce Management:
In that case our system will handle all such request and give you the summery that how much email were bounced.

What is Unsubscribe?
When any person do want to receive any of your future email campaign so that person can unsubscribe form receiving any future emails from your side.
There are lots of way do unsubscribe from any mailer.

Our system will place a unique unsubscribe link automatically in your send email and handle the request when any person clicked on that click, it will also notify you back about their unsubscribe request and marked them as unsubscribe user, so they will not receive any future email campaigns from your side. 


How can I create HTML email campaign for my business?

You can create nice HTML email campaign in our inbuilt HTML editor or you can import the email campaign from outside as well, like from your computer or from any other URL.

You can paste the HTML code as well in the code section in order to create the email campaign. There are lots of free service though which you can create nice HTML email campaign if you do not want to use in-built editor.

Some free email campaign editor are, and etc.


Can I scheduled my email campaign?

What is email scheduling or drip mailing?
Email newsletters are a great way to send out your team’s latest announcements, promotion emails, but what if you do not want an email right away and what to schedule it for any specific data like for an event.

This type of mailing called drip campaigns but known by many other names like drip marketing, automated email campaign, scheduled emails, autoresponders and marketing automation but the concept is the same, they are a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule data and time.

On the “Send your campaign” page, select Send it now to queue your campaign for immediate delivery, or else you can schedule your email campaign for future date and time.



What are the features of your email marketing?

  • Email Marketing for 6 Months
  • 10,000 Email/day limit
  • Dedicated Server/IPs/Domain for mailing
  • Email Delivery Management
  • Real-Time Email Delivery Tracking
  • Google Analytic Tracking with UTM Codes
  • In-build HMTL Editor
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Contact List Management Import/Export
  • Email Scheduling (Drip Emails)
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Countdown Timers
  • Signup Forms, Landing Pages
  • Bounce and Unsubscribed Handling

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